1. Song-writing on the front porch.

    I can’t manage to sit inside my house/studio on a day like today.

  2. Just keep sewing…

  3. Tiny embroidery to keep the fingers nimble.

    This could be yours! If I ever get my act together with that online shop junk!

    # forever lazy

  4. Let me paint your signs for you!

    As usual I worked right up until the last minute, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out I didn’t even care.

  5. All done! 

    SO pleased with how it turned out, I’m excited for my friend to see it.
    I’ll probably even make one for my own house. 

  6. Ahoy.

    Quick lil’ guy for the weekend. I have a plan to make one to go with it that says “Hello, Sailor.”

  7. When will I realize that my creative ADD is not cute.
    You’d think that would be something they teach you in art school…
    Go figure.

    Already collecting and working on a new zine before I’ve even finished RIAT ATFCS. Whatever. Maybe if I have overlap on projects I’ll actually finish and always be busy. (There’s my naïve ideology… I was worried I lost it.)

  8. Embroidery and Gilmore Girls on the front porch…
    It’s that kind of day.

  9. Flying towards completing this thing. Excited beyond belief. Almost almost… gotta clean up most of the text, but at least I have a clear idea of what it’s gonna say! that was the hard part. I find I have to be careful when I work on this ‘zine because if I’m not the sadness creeps in easier. But today has been a lovely day, and the words just flowed right out of me. And it’s great ‘cause today’s not even over yet. So. Here’s to basking in the sunlight of joy while working on sad projects.

    Can’t decide if I should photocopy my handwriting, or use letraset? thoughts? anyone?

  10. Preeeeeevieeeeeew (just imagine me singing the word; that’s what it means when I type things out like that…)
    "If it’s yellow let it mellow."
    My environmentally-conscious friend wants a fun way to let her guests know to conserve water in the w/c, so she commissioned me to embroider it for her. Yay!

    New slogan: Say everything important in thread.

  11. Done and done.
    We are all pleased with how it turned out.
    Now… on to the next thing….

  12. Been working a sample book for Alkhemy Print + Pattern. I’m almost ready to bind it.

    Neat, huh?

  13. Make zine about emotions: check.

    Once I figure out which written texts I’m going to use and where they will go, this is being printed. And then you can own a copy of my feelings.


  14. This blog post answered a lot of my questions, and was generally helpful.  Even so, I’m still putting off starting a shop… but now I think it’s a matter of not having anything to sell.

    Guess I better make some stuff.

  15. HEY I’m alive.

    here’s a cute lil’ embroidery for my friends’ home. You can own one, too, once I get my act together and start some sort of online shop. Why is this so hard?